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Common Questions

How can I apply for the e+ card online?

It is possible to partially enrol online. Your personal information and the choice of the services you wish to use can be selected from the Apply Online link.

To complete the process, you will need to attend one of the sites listed below* where your photograph will be taken by a member of staff and your personal details will be checked against your verifying documents.

Where can I apply for an e+ card in person?

Library sites:

Leisure sites:

I do not live in Bracknell Forest but would like to join the e+ scheme. Am I still eligible for an e+ card?

Yes. Non residents who work or study in the borough or visit regularly are eligible to apply for e+ cards.

What about my personal information?

All the personal information about you, which you have supplied to join the e+ scheme, will be stored safely in a database owned and managed by Bracknell Forest Council. As more applications are added to your e+ card you will only need to supply information relevant to that application and not all your personal details again.

The Borough Council takes its duties under the Data Protection Act very seriously and it will ensure all personal information it holds will be properly protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

For more information about how to check the information the council holds about you, see the leaflet ‘Personal Information Your Right to Know’ which is available from any Bracknell Forest library or council office reception.

Is the e+ card secure?

A smart card is much harder to copy than the magnetic strip cards we are all familiar with (i.e. credit/debit cards). The type of smartcard chip Bracknell Forest Council uses is very secure. It combines the security features required for encoding information safely in bank cards with the convenience. The microchip contains complex security modules, which are virtually impossible to decode.

When will I receive my new card?

Your card should be received within 5 working days of the date your application is completed.

Lost your e+ card?

If you lose your e+ card, we can replace it for a £7 fee.

You may be able to order a replacement by telephoning customer services on 0845 601 1632 if:

  • you have a standard e+ card
  • your address and name details have not changed
  • your photograph does not need updating
  • you are able to pay the £7 fee with your debit or credit card over the phone

However, we will need you to call in to an e+ site in person if:

  • the lost e+ card you need to replace is a concessionary bus pass or a PASS proof of age card
  • any of your details have changed and we need to see documentary proofs
  • we need to take a new photograph of you

If so, please bring any necessary proof documents with you and pay the £7 fee at the site you visit.

If your card has been stolen and you have an official crime number we will replace your e+ card free of charge.

Data Protection

The Bracknell Forest Council data protection policy can be viewed here

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